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Reasons for tree removing include: Threat to building or property utilities This is the most common reason. Trees and vegetation in our area grow at a rapid rate in height and mass they are quickly over towering and consume the space around them left for too long ,severe structural damage to buildings and cars and property utilities may occur. Storm damage Due to heavy rainfall, high winds or storms, trees can become damaged and their root stability undermined , canopies can be snapped out and large branches left hanging , causing a high potential for damage to anything in its drop zone. Infection, Disease Or Infestation Trees that are infested with pests like borer and termites, pose a health and safety threat. A termite-infested tree has a high chance of collapsing. Underground Damage Overgrown root systems can damage underlying areas of your home, such as your foundations, plumbing and septic systems. In this instance, root excavation and stump grinding could be necessary. Dead/Dying Trees Is a common threat in our area, dead and dying are a health and safety risk to people, buildings and vehicles. It is best to remove them before they collapse due to storms or winds and cause damage or injury. Invasive Or Overpowering Trees Trees, which extract too many nutrients from the ground, can cause surrounding plants to suffer from stunted growth and ill health. They could also be a species of invasive plant, which could overgrow and multiply extensively.

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